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There is no perfect news source, only your perfect combination of sources. That's why Inkfold brings together great articles from everywhere. Start with eight main sections, add all your favorite sites, and follow friends to discover the sites they read. Scan for breadth or dig in for depth. Every article counts.

Today a reader,
tomorrow a leader.

— Margaret Fuller

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Great articles spark powerful moments when they make you think of someone. Capture those moments by sending an Inkfold message.

Direct messaging is very personal, and group messaging is a great way to discuss things that matter most. Inkfold will let you know when your friends read the articles you send them whether they reply or not.

A good newspaper, I suppose,
is a nation talking to itself.

— Arthur Miller

Inkfold is social news.

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the conversation

You are the content,
but it's not about you.

— Angela Ahrendts


Inkfold’s mission is to elevate the collective conscious by
shifting the focus of our chatter to topics that matter.